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Seven New Year’s Resolutions if you’re contemplating a building survey in London

05 January, 2017

Continuing the seasonal spirit of our pre-Christmas articles, ‘Twas the (London Surveyor’s) Night before Christmas’ and ‘Twelve things surveyors in London find (and not just at Christmas)’, we thought we’d wish you a very happy New Year and suggest a few New Year resolutions if you’re going to be involved with London property during 2017…

With so many New Year resolutions easy to break before January is over, we hope these will last longer. If you are doing anything involving buying, selling, renting or letting property this year, one sure-fire way to keep these resolutions is to choose the right London surveyors.

RICS QA London chartered surveyors

Your first resolution really should be to make sure that your chosen surveyors are RICS Quality Assured. That shouldn’t be too hard with RICS London headquarters in the heart of Greater London. Choosing RICS-accredited London surveyors is essential for your peace of mind.

Resolution 2 really should be to select a locally-based chartered surveyor who can demonstrate extensive and up-to-date experience in carrying out survey and valuation work throughout London. Why? Because only building surveyors in London will really understand the subtleties and nuances of the capital’s property – from the oldest Victorian terraced properties to the newest luxury apartments beside the Thames. It makes sense really, don’t you think?

Experienced on a wide range of London properties

If you are planning anything involving renovation and refurbishment on property, you’ll relate to our third resolution: to choose a chartered surveyor in London who has project managed this type of work on a range of London properties – including the listed buildings that make up such an important part of our cherished property stock.

Resolution 3? This is about relationships. Life’s too short and dealing with property has so much potential for stress and worry that it makes sense to choose a London building services partner who makes your life easier, not harder. That means appointing a London property services practice that has developed a first-class reputation for its thorough and straightforward approach, coupled with a friendly and down to earth attitude. We understand that people buy people. We do; you do; it’s what makes London life great and your chosen surveyor should be good to work with.

A comprehensive range of surveying services

Resolution 5 has to be to find a surveyor who covers all the important functions of a professional surveyor:

Residential and commercial building surveys
RICS Homebuyer Reports
Valuations for private or mortgage purposes
Defects analysis and building pathology
Party wall matters
Leasehold Enfranchisement
Landlord disrepair claims
Expert witness reports
Schedules of condition or dilapidation
Planned maintenance reports
(If that list makes you think another resolution should be to head down to your favourite London bookshop and order a dictionary of surveying terms, don’t worry. The best London surveyors will be careful to thoroughly explain everything to you in simple, plain English. Now that’s a relief isn’t it?)

Honest, straightforward and jargon free

Although you won’t need to scour Charing Cross Road for an explanatory book (at least, not one on property surveying), you should make a resolution to ask your shortlisted surveyor whether all their staff are fully trained to provide responsible property advice that is honest, straightforward and jargon free. All the best London teams are. That’s Resolution 5 taken care of, which leads to our sixth resolution – to find a practice where the partners have years and years of surveying experience throughout Greater London and the Home Counties.

Actually, you only need to make one resolution!

Interestingly, and not by coincidence, all these characteristics will seem familiar if you’ve arrived here via the Warmans homepage. So maybe you only need to make one New Year resolution.

That should be to contact Warmans Surveyors and get them on your side wherever London property is concerned in 2017. The partners, John Waudby and Jon Champion and their team up in London N1 live and breathe building services in London and have done for decades. They’re looking forward to meeting you.

(By the way, in case you’re wondering, John and Jon have more than half a century of London building surveyor experience between them – and the client service skills and practical experience of London surveying that no textbook can ever teach.)

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