We offer a wide range of valuation services designed to help you decide whether to sell, whether to buy or how to realise the value of a property. Our team are all RICS Registered Valuers, trained to provide accurate market valuations on all types of property for many different circumstances.

We use a combination of a site visit and the latest property information, including property comparison data and prices achieved in recent sales, to tell you what a property would be worth on the open market. Unlike many others, we don’t simply look at what price a next-door neighbour achieved – we we know that every property is unique, depending on what you’ve done to it and how you’ve maintained it, and we take all that into account in our valuation report.

Separation or divorce is stressful at any time, but the usual requirement for matrimonial houses or shared residential, investment or commercial property to be valued to decide upon how the assets will be shared doesn’t need to add to that stress. Our valuers are used to being appointed by both parties and to preparing an independent, impartial valuation report for use either in negotiations or in Court proceedings, compliant with Rule 35 of the Court Procedure Rules 1998.

We understand that our clients are often grieving, and we know that you don’t need any added stress in valuing a property for inheritance tax and probate purposes. It can be a minefield, but as part of the process we’ll look at the size of the estate, advise you whether any inheritance tax is payable and will produce the data to complete the relevant Inheritance Tax Return. Whether tax is due or not, the form needing to be submitted will need to include the open market value of the Deceased’s property at the date of death; we’re used to following the Inland Revenue guidelines to arrive at the correct figure, helping you to resolve any property valuation matters quickly and sympathetically.

Whether you’re looking at a lease extension or the purchase or sale of a property’s freehold, you need to be aware of the stringent qualifying criteria based on the terms of the tenancy, and on the best method of valuing the freehold. Our team can also help if you’re one of a number of people living in a property and you’ve decided that you want to buy the freehold of your property, or if you’re the landlord of the property and are being made to sell the freehold. This process is known as Collective Enfranchisement, and we are well versed in applying the complex legal formulae to calculate the amount the participating leaseholders would need to pay to acquire the freehold.

Ensuring that a property is adequately insured is essential for property owners and tenants, and in many cases can be a specific requirement under the terms of a commercial lease. The correct valuation is key, either to ensure that the property is not under-insured, leaving a potential shortfall in the event of a claim, or over-insured, leading to the payment of unnecessary premiums and potential questions regarding the claim itself. Our Reinstatement Cost Assessment service uses RICS guidelines to give you an accurate cost for rebuilding, tailored to the individual building regardless of its type, size and age, and backed by the latest market knowledge.

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  • Managing the sale of the estate of my late Father has been eased by the great service of the team at Warmans Cube. They’ve been sympathetic to the situation and emotions involved, and provided a quick and hassle free valuation of the property and we’ve just completed the sale at the full asking price.

    Mrs. Huntingdon
  • Thank you for a prompt and very thorough service, with clear and thoughtful advice on the property.  Would definitely recommend Warmans Cube to prospective buyers.

    Mrs. Wingate
  • Warmans Cube is to be highly commended for the service, follow up and the impressive detailed survey report we promptly received which hugely helped us make an informed decision on a Period Building. Warmans Cube are one of a few Surveyors to specialise in Victorian , Georgian all Period buildings, which gave us peace of mind as such buildings need specialist surveys. They also sent an Architect free of charge to give us added advice who also specialised in period buildings. Thank you, we will be recommending you.

    Vera and Tatiana
  • Jon and Tim did a great job of designing and project managing the extension of our home. We have very high standards, and my husband is very particular when it comes to alterations to our home! We could not have asked for a better service and are delighted with the result.

    Mr and Mrs Langley
  • Quick, efficient and easy – thank you Warmans Cube. I’ll definitely be using you next time I need a survey.

    Mr. Sommers

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